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No matter the industry or the organization and regardless of the business type, all have similarities with the elements and approach methodologies critical for developing a robust Resilience Strategy. With an understanding that compliance does not equal resilience, but rather resilience is built upon compliance, the best solutions reflect this reality and exist at the intersection of business and technology.  We call this Achieving Intelligent Resilience. Our wealth of experience will make attaining this goal a realization for your enterprise!

Government Agencies

All government agencies must contend with disruptions in services to our nation’s critical infrastructure. Storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, foreign and domestic terror attacks, epidemics and even pandemics can affect communities across the United States. It is our governments’ responsibility, from local to state to national, to mitigate the effects felt by individuals and businesses by disbursing state and federal resources. For these reasons, it is most critical for every government agency to have a powerful and adaptable Resilience and Incident Response Strategy. Our citizens are relying on it. Contact Us to find out how Maxwood Solutions can enhance your comprehensive strategy to prevent disruptions to infrastructure within your jurisdiction. 


Energy critical infrastructure

The energy sector is experiencing a foundational transformation from being largely reliant on coal and natural gases to focusing on renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DER). While undergoing these transformations, it is critical for all energy producers and suppliers to have a malleable and robust Resilience and Incident Response Strategy to ensure a swift recovery from any disruption, whether man-made or natural.  Contact Us to learn more about how Maxwood Solutions can assist to develop a more robust strategy that integrates your renewables and DER.


Water critical infrastructure consultants

The impact of events such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, or even man-made disruptions such as physical or cyber attacks can have a lasting effect on water infrastructure and operations. These disruptions will also affect other critical operations that rely on water, such as electrical power, manufacturing, supply chain, and sustaining a community and their workforce. A robust Resilience and Incident Response Strategy is a vital part of business risk management for all Critical Infrastructure. Contact us to find out how Maxwood Solutions will help you build an adaptable strategy to mitigate disruptive events and their devastating effects.


Manfacturing incident response services

Manufacturing leads the way with recent heightened supply chain concerns that dominate every aspect of our lives, leveraging a unique burden upon our social well-being. Without manufacturing we lack the essentials of food, sundries, and commercial, medical, or industrial hardware. These organizations must have a robust Resilience and Incident Response Strategy built into the supply management and controls processes that features flexible capacity to mitigate demand fluctuations created by unexpected natural or man-made disruptions. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of including flexible capacity in your strategy, and how to implement it.


Business cyber security

Every business, from mom-and-pop to world-wide corporations must have a robust Resilience and Incident Response Strategy. Not only do businesses feel the effect of disruptions from all critical infrastructure industries – power outages, supply chain shortages, clean water disruptions, they also must contend with local disruptions such as theft, cash flow shortage, and workplace injuries.  Contact Us to find out how Maxwood Solutions will assist you with a comprehensive strategy to ensure your business can endure disruptions. 


Campus data security

Most people typically associate a campus as a school or university. But a campus entails any multi-building organization or industrial site. Due to the distributed population of these sites, it is critical for all campus types to have a robust Resilience and Incident Response Strategy that incorporates every incident ranging from natural disasters, physical & cyber security, and social disruptions. Contact us to learn how Maxwood Solutions with its first-hand experience securing campuses using proven strategies, to make safety and security a reality for your campus.


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