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Maxwood Solutions offers expertise to further the development of a Resilience, Incident Response or Comprehensive System Security Strategy to supplement existing standards and serve as a model for a State Agency, Organization or Utility to promote resilience including protective measures for securing Critical Infrastructure.


A Utility Resilience Consultant can assist with creating or evaluating plans, identifying measurable performance metrics, analyzing and identifying areas of improvement and road mapping future development. Our services include enhancing incident response and emergency communications, funding mechanisms, and the build out of cybersecurity test labs, just to name a few. All with an eye toward protecting Utility Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology cyber assets.


We have seen firsthand how compliance often reigns supreme at the expense of best practice Operational Technology Security threat prevention methods. The basic standards of compliance, NERC CIP, NIST, etc. are just not enough.


In our view, compliance does not equal security or resilience, that is why we work tirelessly to close this gap. Our methodologies advance and accelerate the roll out of in-depth processes and solutions that align with the business and bring much needed protection and resilience back to our nation's utility critical infrastructure.

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