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After years of working in the electric utility and other Industrial Control System (ICS) industries as employees and vendors, we decided to alter our direction. We share our passion to address resilience and security shortfalls within the ICS industry across the country, in an effort to advance, modernize and protect our Nation's Critical Infrastructure. 


We assembled a team of seasoned experts, to deliver a strategy that meets the specific needs of each customer.


Trusted advisors are key, that is why we develop relationships with our clients to understand their culture and top priorities, applying a strategy to bridge gaps. 


We apply insights and Data Science into resilience and incidence response strategies to natural and man-made threats. We bring our in-depth expertise and foresight to provide a key understanding of workforce management and potential hurdles, including technical and internal processes in addition to cultural impacts that can hinder or prevent change when developing or enhancing a strategy. As an example, today's ICS industry contains an ever-widening gap between legacy communications, equipment, and skill sets, when compared to the current trend and loT technology.


Our decades of experience resolving complex issues, and our advisory process, is designed to assist and empower your team by outfitting them with the critical information and strategy for success. 


Our advisors have experience working with all levels of leadership, staff, and outsourced resources. When seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner, strategy or implementation, we are here to assist. 


We offer a suite of quality services, advancing systems-wide protective measures to achieve intelligent resilience. 


Together with our team of experienced advisors and utility resilience consultants, we will help you shape and execute your business transformation agenda and enhance your Resilience Strategy for success.

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